Avonlea Summer Showcase

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July 02 and 03, 2021

We are excited to announce our upcoming online sale, the Avonlea Summer Showcase! Along with our friends at Walker Dairy Inc., we plan to feature approximately 50 head of elite Jerseys from all corners of the breed!

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Update - July 15, 2021:

Thank you to all consignors, bidders, and buyers of the Avonlea Summer Showcase! We are absolutely thrilled with how the sale turned out, averaging approximately $5900 CAD on 55 live lots!

High Sellers:

Avonlea Keeper at Burntwood ($20,250) bought by Johnson Five Holsteins

Pondvue Gold Chip Gretchen ($20,000) bought by R & F Livestock 

Lone Pine Victorious Thunderstruck ($16,000) bought by Unique, Zimmer, Robella, and Benbie

Summer Showcase Cowsmo Ad.jpg