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Avonlea Arcadios Access - Now Available from NoBull Sires LLC.

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Avonlea Chips Canadian Club - Now Available from ST Genetics

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Avonlea Chocochip - New EastGen Breeders Edge Sire

Spring Classification

We had another great classification with some incredible results!

Three Avonlea bred 2nd calvers maxed at VG 89!

Avonlea Silver CF VIXEN - VG 89 (Owned with Patty Jones and Cybil Fisher)

Avonlea A Chocolate CHIPIT - VG 89 (Owned by Lorne Ella)

Arcadios Premier ACCENT - VG 89 (Owned by Patty Jones and Cybil Fisher)

Other highlights include:

Avonlea Milo SHOWBIZ - VG87-1st calf (Max)

Knonaudale Colton ROSIE - VG87 - 1st calf (Max)

Avonlea V KEEP YOUR DISTANCE - VG86 - 1st Calf

Avonlea Vitality SPECIAL K - VG85 - 1st Calf (13 days fresh)

Spatz Joel LILY - VG85 - 1st Calf

Avonlea KEEPER at Burntwood - VG88 - 2nd Calf

Avonlea Kylie's HOTSHOT-ET - VG88 - 2nd Calf

Avonlea Fizz's KRACKLE-ET - VG88 - 2nd Calf

Avonlea Velvet's VOGUE-ET - EX93-2E

Stony Point Grand BEA - EX92-2E

Avonlea Finders KEEPERS-ET - EX91

Milo Premier SERENITY - EX91-2E

Avonlea Premier VODKA - EX90


Congratulations to all our our partners! Working with these great cattle is the best part of our day!

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